Haringey, Remain 76% | Leave 24% 

You asked me what do you think of Brexit and the future.

I remember the days leading up to the referendum. I was getting more and more worried as it seemed the Leavers were getting stronger. I remember thinking that this was too important to be put to a referendum. I watched all the debates on TV and I was convinced we should stay with the EU. The night before the referendum I met a friend and i said “I’m worried” and he said “So am I” The morning of the vote, I voted first thing instead of waiting until I got home from work. This was because if anything happened to me during the day (died, in a car accident, etc) I would have already cast my vote. That’s how worried I was. I watched the counting that night, sleeping sporadically overnight, and I remember at 6 am when David Dimbleby announced the results. I was so shocked I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. That weekend it seemed like everyone was in shock. It was quieter the usual on the streets. People weren’t chatting happily, it was serious expressions all around. We were trying to make sense of what had just happened. And everyone, that is politicians, had disappeared, it seemed to me, trying to pretend that nothing had happened.

I was and still am angry at Cameron for calling a referendum he never should have called, playing with the country in that way. I do not feel optimistic for the future. Already so many businesses have left the UK, and they will never come back even if we don’t leave. People are loosing their jobs, prices are going up. It is collective madness to leave the EU. I feel for the young people who are loosing out on so much. It is them we have to now depend on to help us to stay in the EU or get back in if we do leave. I now do not respect a lot of politicians and I wonder how did they ever get their jobs?? I remember Theresa May calling those of us who voted Remain, “Citizens of Nowhere”. I will never forgive her ignorance. And she campaigned for Remain too! We need to get rid of a lot of politicians and vote in more honest and trustworthy people. When I see people like Farage, Boris Johnson, J Rees-Mogg I feel disgust for them all. They are a continuation of the Medieval feudal system. I am sure there are many more honorable people around to be our MPs than them. Thankfully none of them are my MP.

I could say a lot more but will stop now.