South Holland, Remain 26% | Leave 74% 

I voted to remain. It seems so long ago now! Where I live, and amongst the people I meet, there seemed to be a lot of support for leaving, but I don’t trust politicians and I certainly didn’t trust the ones who were shouting that we should leave. They can’t seem to manage the simplest tasks, so how would they manage to extricate us from the EU? And that’s before one thinks about the benefits we get from membership. I always try and see things from other people’s point of view, so I can understand why people voted Leave, but I thought Leaving would be a bad idea.

Today, I think Brexit is going to be a disaster. The more that comes out about the referendum, the more it seems there was tampering and lies. I don’t understand why there isn’t more uproar about it, or about the fact that some of the leading proponents for Leave are setting up hedge funds and homes abroad, perhaps we have all just given up. I am frightened for the NHS and I am genuinely worried about what will happen if or when there is food shortages; people were fighting when there was a bit of snow, what will they be like when food simply can’t get in because of problems at the ports? How can it be that we are preparing for food shortages and medicine shortages and this is being classed as OK? We don’t have to be doing this to ourselves.

I feel our society has become really divided and much more bitter and angry. No matter what happens now, I think the repercussions will affect our society for years.