Lambeth, Remain 79% | Leave 21% 

I voted to remain like the majority of Lambeth residents. I enjoy being British and I want to remain a European. Yes there maybe stuff wrong with some of Brussells decisions but we should have negotiated then. To be honest I’ m not sure if either leavers or remainers totally knew the full picture. Hence the madness now. Lots of my European friends who live in Lambeth feel unwelcome from the rest of the country. Its our diversity that makes us strong and tolerant.

Brexit right now is a messy divorce and all parties are divided as as yet the voters are still not clear. Backstop and trade deals should have been emphasised before !

The future is going to be unsettling what ever ever happens- I hope the rest of the country can look to places like Lambeth - our cultural melting pot- and learn.