Lambeth, Remain 79% | Leave 21%

I voted remain. On a values level I believe in diverse thinking and experiences and whole heartedly believe that the U.K. is stronger working with and openly embracing other cultures and ideas.

I feel like brexit is a total embarrassment and a total waste of human capital and money. I don’t believe the majority (including me) actually knew what we were actually voting for and I certainly don’t believe what is happening now is solving for the reasons many pro brexiteers voted to leave. There is clearly major issues in this country where many people rightly feel marginalised by years of oppressive government rule which favours the rich getting richer, but wrongly put the blame on migrants.

I’m strangely positive [about the future], I don’t believe that brexit will actually happen and common sense will prevail (with a second referendum). Long term the youth of today who will lead our world understand the strength of embracing the world and not shutting off from it.