Dover, Remain 38% | Leave 62%

I voted to leave as I think the we should be making our own laws and not have the centralised power in Brussels.

At the moment, rather fed up with the government, scaremongering and bickering. They should all be working together on this to gain a good outcome. What I have found rather disheartening is that when the politicians voted the other day, not many of them voted for what their constituents voted for. They are just acting on their personal views and not for the good of their constituents.

No-one knows what will happen. I feel sorry for all the businesses not knowing which way to go. Obviously some things will change but good can come from change. Maybe all the farms and growers can use this as an opportunity, so we can get local produce again. There’s also the rest of the world to carry on trading with. I feel the EU is making it as difficult as possible to leave as it just wants our money.