South Holland, Remain 26% | Leave 74% 

As for Brexit; Very confused about the political stances and false propaganda. Eventually I voted to leave the EU as I was lead to believe that economically, we could be in a stronger position to trade with the rest of the world. I remember when we were a commonwealth and traded openly with our counterparts. Unfortunately, when we joined the; what was then, the common market, we had to cease trading within the commonwealth; this incidentally, nearly bankrupted New Zealand. Leaving would help to restore and expand trading in the world market.

I think the affair should now be called Brexin!

The Vote, although won by a small majority was to leave; so leave we should!

I also feel that the government were complacent in their aragance and believed that the vote would be to remain.

Politicians have fingers in many pies, most of them in Europe. As a consequence there has and still is a lot of dealing that in my opinion is dictating the whole process.

To conclude this, we will be neither in or out.